wpSearch 1.5: The Fastest, Lightest Yet

After its first week in the wild, wpSearch has been run on a number of different versions of WordPress and PHP, highlighting some places to improve aspects of its core. wpSearch 1.5 has just been released, with a completely rewritten search mechanism to bring search speeds into the milliseconds.

Certain features available in wpSearch 1.x.x.x have been removed in favor of tighter integration with the WordPress core and raw speed. The search popup is no longer an option, removing the need for 2 javascript libraries, 2 CSS files, and 4 images. This decreases the page load time by close to 500 ms for a first-time page view over a broadband connection.

wpSearch now integrates its results into the WordPress search using pure WordPress API. Here are some statistics from version 1.5:

Indexing Performance: ~30 minutes for 6,000 posts (5 docs / sec)
Typical Search Speed: 30-100 ms over 1,000 posts
“Atypical Search” Speed: 400 ms over 1,000 duplicate posts with 1,000 matches
Indexing Performance: ~30 minutes for 6,000 posts

These stats were gathered on a non-dedicated development server with 1 GB Ram, 3.2 Ghtz Hyperthreaded Intel P4, with Windows XP, and a WAMP installation without any sort of code caching (like Zend Optimizer). Needless to say, this server isn’t the quickest, but it still turns out very impressive search times.

wpSearch 1.5 is also completely compatible with the latest release of WordPress, 2.6.

Get it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpsearch/

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  • http://thoughtlessbanter.com John Bellone

    I’m going to download it and install as soon as I get back from work. Add my link to your blogroll man ;-).

  • http://enterventure.com Patrick

    Hey Kenny,

    I had to make a few other tweaks to my blog’s search results so this took longer than expected, but I’ve integrated wpSearch to the live version of my blog. It looks great, and I have a side-by-side comparison to prove it. I’m devoting my next post to wpSearch and will let you know when it’s up.


  • http://enterventure.com Patrick
  • http://pxlbuzzard.com/blog/ Pxl_Buzzard

    Hey Kenny, this plugin looks really great; however, I’ve gotten multiple parse errors such as “Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘(‘ in /udontneedtoknow/blog/wp-content/plugins/wpsearch/wpSearch.php on line 191″ and other such things. I don’t have any other plugins that mess with searching on the blog, do you have any idea what it could be?

  • http://www.sandvik.bz Knut Sandvik

    Is it possible to integrate this search functionality into Gallery from Menalto? I have integrated Gallery and WordPress and need to use one search functionality for both of them. Today I use Google Search.

  • Kenny Katzgrau

    To Pxl_Buzzard –

    I sent you an email too, but I wanted to let you and anyone else having this issue that PHP 5 or above is needed for the underlying Lucene library.

    Hopefully this solves this issue.

    Thanks for reporting it!

    – Kenny Katzgrau

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