wpSearch Accepted Into WordPress Plugins

wpSearch (more info in my previous post), the lucene-powered search plugin for WordPress, has officially been accepted into the WordPress plugins repository. You can view and download wpSearch here:


The latest version as of right now is Several major features have been added since the original beta release.

  • Seamless integration of wpSearch into your blog. After you activate wpSearch and build your blog’s search index, the search box on your blog will now be configured to use wpSearch for searches.
  • You can now decide whether you want search results in the page ( the standard ), or have them loaded into and AJAX search pop-up. (Originally, the AJAX pop-up was the only way to view results ). This option is configurable via the WordPress admin screen.
  • Bloggers can now tweak the importance of things such as title, content, and tags in a blog search. This effectively allows control over what is considered relevant in a blog search.

So what’s next for wpSearch?

More searchable content: It’s no secret that the best content on a blog is sometimes in the comments. This is especially true for bloggers of tech and programming sites where blog readers often put useful contributions in comments.

The opening of the source: At SourceForge! Sure, PHP is inherently open-source (it’s a scripting language, after all!). But the best future for wpSearch would entail its placement into SourceForge.NET where the coding community can have the opportunity to contribute to the wpSearch project. wpSearch is already registered at SourceForge, and has a project page at:

http://wpsearch.sourceforge.net/. (Right now, there isn’t much setup up).

I plan to have wpSearch developed at SourceForge, and have stable releases be uploaded to the plug-in repository at WordPress.

There are some other features I plan to add to wpSearch very shortly, one of which is contextual search result content, so you can see the words around the matching content of a search result.

I can’t think of the others off the top of my head. What I would really like to know is if anyone finds wpSearch to be of value so far, and whether they are having any difficulties.

I read on another blog that blogs get xx% more comments if the words “Have your say” are at the end of a post. I think I’ll try that.

Have your say!

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  • olivier

    Hello this plugin seems very promising, I’m looking for one like that since I’ve moved to wordpress. So I’ve installed yours, and it looks like I have too many posts to make it index properly the whole thing. I’ve seen there is a debug directory, is there a way to get and send you some logs or hints to help you decide if there’s way to make it build the database anyway ?

  • http://thoughtlessbanter.com John Bellone

    Let me know when I can grab a copy and start hacking away. There are a couple of things that I want to change on the version that you have up here, but they should be rather simple.