USTORE.js: Cross-Browser Local and Session Storage Made Easy

I tend to get so wrapped up in the server-side portion of web applications, I probably don’t keep tabs on front-end tips and tricks as well I should. Luckily I work with some of the best client-side developers I’ve ever met over at HUGE, and I generally get exposed to new front-end marvels whether I like it or not.

HUGE is firm that specializes in building sustainable web applications — they’re known for their design team, user experience, and revenue generating ability. Their talent is behind the Reuters iPad App, CNN, iVillage, and a host of other clients.

But HUGE also keeps a team of the best developers you’ll find in NY. And lately, they’ve begun to contribute to the open source world via their GitHub account. Their first release has been something particularly exciting for front-end developers: A cross-browser library for leveraging the local storage capabilities of HTML 5.

Local storage is essentially a mechanism that allows client-side applications to store data — “a mostly arbitrary limit of 5 megabytes” — locally. This works much like a cookie, without the absurd storage restriction of 4 kilobytes.

The library was developed by HUGE developer Sankho Mallik, and he wrote a bit more detail about the library over at his blog. His library, in addition to facilitating cross-browser local storage, also facilitates the use of session storage across browsers (even IE 6, incredibly). That’s something you can’t find in other plugins on the ‘net.

The project page is at GitHub, but I’d recommend reading up at Sankho’s blog too.

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