WPSearch 2 To Be Released At WordCamp!

After almost two years since the last major release of WPSearch, WPSearch 2 will be released this weekend at Wordcamp NYC.

WPSearch 2 has been the highest rated search plug-in in the WordPress repository, with much thanks to the bug reporters, testers, and donations along the way.

WordCampNYC – Oct 16-17

WPSearch 2 was built for WordPress 3, and features:

  • A COMPLETELY rewritten codebase
  • An in-page progress bar for index builds
  • Verbose logging for troubleshooting
  • A ‘test’ mechanism that tells you exactly what things you still need to do to run WPSearch (like changing file permissions, and other things like that).
  • An engine that can handle close to 10,000 posts
  • The one and only word-stemming analyzer for Zend Lucene

I’ll be presenting this with John Crepezzi, co-founder of our company, OConf. We’ll be discussing why the WordPress search is lacking by default, the effect it has on the monetization of your site, and the new release of WPSearch.

We’ll also mention a premium version of WPSearch, which can handle up to 500,000 posts, but uses a proprietary back-end driver.

Come check us out! If you have any questions, drop a comment!

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