How to Find Good Developers

A comment on one of my favorite CodeFury posts, “How to Get a Job as a Programmer“, asks an interesting question. It was posted by Kyle Carter, the head of HR at Better Advertising. He posed the question, “how or where do I find good developers?”

At the time that I’m writing this, the NYC tech market is picking up fast. More startups are getting funding, big corps are relaxing the budgets, and good developers are jumping ship left and right in search of cooler projects, awesome teams, higher positions, and big checks.

So, to put that question in context: How exactly do recruiters and HR departments find and compete for the best talent right now? John Crepezzi (my startup partner) and I put together a podcast going over a bunch of different things, like identifying good developers, finding them, keeping them and why you want them in the first place. Listen to it here:

If you would rather listen to it streaming online via the HTML5 player @ Tumblr, check out it out here.

The basic gist is this: Good developers are people who like to build/improve and learn. They are very active with both consulting and open-source projects, often outside of a regular full-time job.

They like to work with other good developers, which is why great engineering teams attract more great engineers.

You can find them on GitHub, SourceForge, and Twitter, by reaching out to them (once you’ve identified them as ‘good’). Include a personal note (maybe mentioning some of their projects), which is a big deal — it will likely get you a response at the very minimum. Once you know a core of good developers, it’s not difficult to find more by asking them.

The podcast goes into much more depth. If you’re a recruiter or HR guy, take this podcast not so much as if it’s from an authority (despite the tone), but from developers who love what they do.

If you have any comments, drop’em.

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