A Better WordPress Search with WPSearch

I’m definitely not the type to evangelize something I don’t think is useful. Ask friends of mine, and they’ll likely tell you how I went through phases where I endlessly promoted things like Notepad++ for Windows, Netbeans IDE (PHP), Sequel Pro, Gnome-Do, Thinkpads, Macbooks, Toy Story 3, iPod Touches, and Visual Studio ’08. I just can’t help it. When I get excited about something, I have a hard time stfu-ing.

But holy crap. Let me tell you — if you think the WordPress default search sucks — as I did 2 years ago, try WPSearch. It’s (IMO) the second-most-useful plug-in that has ever existed for WordPress. It also has the slickest admin UI I’ve ever used in WordPress (a big thanks to JQuery and it’s plug-ins, of course).

I wrote WPSearch, and I 100% recommend it to anyone running something that isn’t a traditional WordPress blog. Run a recipe catalog? Use It! Review engine? Use it! Shopping engine? What the hell are you doing without my plug-in on your site? Your customers can’t find shit!

Fun scenario: Let’s imagine you sold laser printers on your site along with other computer peripherals, and every product page on your site had “[brand] [model] Printers” in it’s title, like “Dell 1100 Laser Printer”. If someone searched for “printers” with default WordPress search, they wouldn’t get those products back.

Does that scare you? It should. Get WPSearch now. And if you don’t like it, tweet @_kennyk_ and be brutally honest. I can take it.

Side note #1: When I wrote WPSearch, I was also trying to cash-in big time at a programming contest where the grand prize was a trip to RailsConf and the runner-up would get a set of steak knives (presumably to stab whoever won the grand prize).

Side note #2: Toy Story 3 is an intellectually provocative and introspective masterpiece!

Side note #3: Askimet is #1, but is tragically taken for granted

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  • http://gisconsultancy.com/blog Rob

    Hi Kenny –

    Music to my ears to see that you’ve released a new version. Lucene is one of the most exciting technologies I’ve stumbled across in a while. I was wondering if WPSearch indexes custom fields? Hell, I’ll go and install it and find out!

    Good work, much appreciated, keep on it!


  • http://www.davidrhoden.com David Rhoden

    Just installed this plugin, for a site I’m working on. Nothing seems to happen on the settings page when I click Refresh or Refresh Index though. Want to talk about that here or should I message you via email? (Also–where does the index get stored after it’s created?)