Beta Released, Big Changes

Note: CodeIgniter Reactor 2.0.2 has a bug in it’s core Loader class that breaks package config file loading (and sparks, sadly). It’s recommended that you use 2.0.1 OR the latest at OR make the following change in your 2.0.2 installation: . The last option is the best.

It took a month longer than expected, but we’ve finally released the Beta version of, the repository and package manager system for CodeIgniter.

Here’s the very minimum of what you need to know:

  1. A file is now required in every spark
  2. You should upgrade your spark system as soon as possible (just follow the usual installation instructions)
  3. If you submitted a spark prior to the beta, we’ve normalized all version numbers to x.x.x. So curl 1.0 becomes curl 1.0.0. Check the site.

The alpha was all about weeding out fundamental issues in the initial repo and system. The big problems we had were:

  • Some spark developers wanted the ability to specify dependencies
  • There was no difference between a repository tag and the spark version — They had to be in sync
  • Users wanted RSS feeds for latest spark overall, and latest versions of individual sparks
  • There was no way to rate a spark
  • There was no way to tell if your spark was going to be accepted by the spark processor prior to submission

We knocked those out and a little more with the beta. Going forward:

All sparks must have a file at the root. Details are here.

  • You can now specify spark dependencies in
  • The spark manager will now install a spark and all of its dependencies
  • The spark manager can now self-update
  • All spark versions must be in x.x.x format. Sparks released prior to the beta had their version numbers change in the system (tags remained the same though)
  • Versions and tags are now decoupled. The version is pulled from
  • Sparks are now ratable via a simple “Love”, “Like”, or “Hate” rating
  • A Spark-SDK is available to spark developers in order to validate their sparks prior to submission

It is necessary that you upgrade your spark manager with the release. The current version is 0.0.4. You can upgrade by removing the ‘tools’ folder from your webroot and following the same installation instructions at:

Send any issues to!

Now that the structural changes have been made, we can focus on tightening up the spark system’s feature set. This is what you see in the coming weeks:

  • The ability to install sparks in configurations where the application folder is not in your webroot (possible now, but not automated)
  • The ability for sparks to act more like modules — ie, sparks will be able to override core libraries and more

Also, we plan to:

  • Put a news section on the site (long overdue)
  • Configure our notification system better so its emails don’t land in your spam folder

And don’t forget the ultimate goal: Integration in CodeIgniter Reactor.

Check out the beta and ping the team with any problems!

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