The Top 10 CodeIgniter Sparks of 2011

John Crepezzi and I launched (the CodeIgniter package manager and repository) a little under a year ago, and the response we received from the community was overwhelmingly positive.

The best part of GetSparks isn’t the site itself. It’s a moderately simple app that provides a vehicle for quickly dropping other developers’ code in your codebase.

Many of the packages on GetSparks are very well maintained. I am continually impressed by the amount of effort spark developers pour into their submissions when I peruse the site and try new packages out. One example would be WanWizard‘s DataMapper-ORM: Look at how well thought out it is, and how detailed the docs are.

Another would be codeigniter-payments. I rolled in to the second day of CICon 2011 NYC to find @calvinfroedge talking about a new payment spark he had made — one of the most in-depth, flexible payment libs I’ve ever seen.

GetSparks has almost clocked 50,000 package downloads at this point, but there are handful of sparks that have really stood out in terms of popularity. They are the year’s top 10:

name contributor installs
php-activerecord machuga 1806
curl philsturgeon 1361
template philsturgeon 1010
ion_auth benedmunds 990
restclient philsturgeon 931
DataMapper-ORM WanWizard 748
gravatar_helper seejohnrun 688
assets bstrahija 636
fire_log dperrymorrow 623
markdown katzgrau 622

And of course, there are people whose contributions have made the success it is. A special thanks goes out to:

  • Beau Frusetta — First team member (retired), and the guy who made GetSparks look halfway decent
  • Mike Pauley — Team member
  • Sean Downey — Team member
  • Joe Auty — Team member
  • Jake Ingman — Who made us a sweet logo
  • Joel Cox — For some fine features and great sparks
  • Balsamiq — Who donated a copy of their mockup software
  • Spicer Matthews of CloudManic, who contributed the “forking” feature (which I have big plans for)

Happy New Year everyone. Keep up the awesome work, and keep knocking out those timeshanks when developing a new app with new sparks (things like payments, emailing, auth, assets, etc).


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  • Steve minijuegos

    Thanks for share this info…

  • Lewis Cowles

    Thanks, I have not tried a few of those and will give it a go!

  • Phillip Hebert

    I shorted out php-activerecord spark from your list, as it is having most installs. I found out that integration of PHP ActiveRecord into CodeIgniter can be done by this spark most easily.