GENI: Build the New Internet (A Video)

Last week I mentioned that I was writing the documentation for a project named GENI, which a large NSF-sponsored with quite a few people and organizations involved — but the basic goal is to create platform for experimenting with “networks of the future.”

It’s hard to imagine what exactly that means to you as a developer, so today I made a quick video post to give you a very basic idea of the kinds of tools and resources available to you. GENI provides a suite of tools to allocate physical and virtual machines, set up networks around them, and program how those networks behave. What can you do with that? I dunno, design what the future internet looks like. Or maybe build some killer app to utilize all that.

Watch me run through the basics in less than 5 minutes.

As this GENI series continues, I’m going to dig deeper and show some more complex examples of what you can do. In particular:

  • Long distance communication over a gigabit link
  • An example of a new protocol running on that network using OpenFlow

So follow along, it’s going to get real :)

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