GENI: A Gigabit Playground for Developers

A couple weeks ago I did a short screencast demonstrating GENI, a platform for experimenting with programmable gigabit networks. With all the press surrounding Google Fiber in Kansas City, it’s amazing how relevant these screencasts are to current events.

As a developer who participates in Mozilla Ignite’s App Challenge, you’ll be given access to a gigabit-speed platform to build apps on. Sure, it’s nice to think that pretty soon your laughing baby will load without any buffer time, but as a web maker, how can you build apps that leverage such high speed? It’s a new frontier.

The content of the screencast was fairly basic last week, and I showed how you can very easily provision two servers on GENI and get them to talk to each other. That was really cool, but as I promised, it’s going to get real. Today I wanted to show how to set up two boxes, one in Utah, one in DC, and get them to talk at 1 Gb/s.

Without further ado:

So the next screencast will be on a topic that I actually get a bit short of breath just thinking about: programmable networks. Ie, how can you design a new protocol to rival TCP/IP and test it in the great wide open? We’ll see. And I think you’ll need this.

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