My name is Kenny — I’m a software engineer in NYC, and I love building, writing, selling, and evangelizing useful stuff.

I’m currently writing a whole bunch of docs for Mozilla in their effort to bring GENI and gigabit network experiments to hackers of the world through Katzgrau LLC, the coolest 1-man consulting army you could possibly hire in and around NYC. I’m also an ex-Yahoo.

I’m also kicking around plans for the most successful tech IPO of all time.

This is a pretty light ‘About’ page, but if you’d like a detailed resume, reach me at katzgrau@gmail.com.

Note: What comes below has actually gained a bit of notoriety. I’ve had a surprisingly high number of people reach out to me and tell me to check out their own favorite Mexican/Mexi-cali eateries, which I 100% appreciate, and make an effort to try. So keep the recommendations coming!


And here’s a completely unrelated list of where to find my favorite … around the country.


1. Nico’s California Burrito (San Diego, CA)
2. El Farolito Carne Asada Super Burrito (Mission, San Francisco, CA)
3. Calexico’s Carne Asada Burrito (SoHo, NYC)
4. Carolina’s (Pheonix, AZ)


1. Seven Stars Deli (DUMBO, Brooklyn) — Unlikely source, I agree. Use the green sauce
2. Taqueria Vallarta (San Francisco, CA)
3. El Chilangro (Arlington, VA)
4. North of the Border (Red Bank, NJ)
5. Grand Electric (Toronto, Ontario)
6. Surf Taco (fish taco only, the rest are average, Belmar, NJ) — Hurts to list a local chain, and it’s non-traditional, but it’s really good


1. 10th Ave Burrito (Belmar, NJ) — Only quesadilla I’ve ever cared about. I think I was the sole source of 10th Ave’s revenue from 2008 – 2011, but they recently got their big break on the Food Network. Oddly enough, I’m not crazy about their burritos.

If you know a place that will make it onto the list, tell me now: katzgrau@gmail.com