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The Best Recruiters Ever

The best recruiters I’ve ever met are the ones that make me forget that I’m talking to a recruiter, usually very quickly. It’s easy to be a lofty software developer who has jobs pitched to him every day by email, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog comments, and give all of those reach outs the same treatment: “Meh.” […]

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Is ‘Daily Deal’ Brokering An Unsustainable Business Model?

I’ve been pretty involved in hyperlocal news sites as of late, and I’ve had a really good taste of the daily deals market. And you know what? I don’t like it. Analyzing different business models has become sort of a pastime for me, and the idea of ‘Daily Deals’ has had me thinking the last couple […]

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Last Developer Standing at Right Media NYC

Note: This post is primarily intended for former Right Media/Yahoo engineering employees. I’m only saying that now because if you don’t fall into that group, you probably won’t care a whole lot about this post. Also, I wrote it on my last day, which was over six months ago. It’s probably something that needed a […]

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GENI: A Gigabit Playground for Developers

A couple weeks ago I did a short screencast demonstrating GENI, a platform for experimenting with programmable gigabit networks. With all the press surrounding Google Fiber in Kansas City, it’s amazing how relevant these screencasts are to current events. As a developer who participates in Mozilla Ignite’s App Challenge, you’ll be given access to a […]

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GENI: Build the New Internet (A Video)

Last week I mentioned that I was writing the documentation for a project named GENI, which a large NSF-sponsored with quite a few people and organizations involved — but the basic goal is to create platform for experimenting with “networks of the future.” It’s hard to imagine what exactly that means to you as a […]

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GENI: Experiment with the Internet of the Future

I was born into the age of the internet, and I took it for granted. I looked at the potential of the internet in terms of, “What can I build on top of it?” The dirty details of what held this big network together was someone else’s problem. As web developers, we tend to build […]

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Winning Is Better When Everyone Else Is Winning Too (Yelp vs Heroku)

I was 11 or 12 when I got my first taste of Monopoly at summer camp. I loved that game — and I think it was my first taste of business. A game that, like life in a lot of ways, was based partly on luck, partly on wit, and much of it on social […]

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Jefferson vs Hamilton + 200 years: AWS vs Heroku

This post might be written out of frustration, but I wanted to put this out before the heat of the moment fades away. Amazon had a power outage in its Virgina data center last night due to a storm, and services like Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, and Heroku have taken a hit. You could throw a […]

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Facebook Ads Are Effective, Just Not Relevant, Yet

… and that’s partly the fault of the advertiser, and partly the fault of Facebook. A friend of mine was crapping all over Nasdaq:FB — not because he’s rolls with popular opinion, but because he decided for himself that Facebook is wildly overvalued. My friend is a disciple of Warren Buffet — and anyone who […]

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Facebook Changed Everything, It’s Not A Fad, and I’m With Zuck

I just read a comment from what was likely a troll on some website I’ve never heard of. It read: Facebook is a fad and only losers are on there. You people go on Facebook and try to get as many friends as you can but the reality of it is that none of you […]

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