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On Versioning Local Packages Like node_modules and sparks

A recent trend in package management is to install packages locally to an application. Composer for PHP is doing it by default, npm for node.js is doing it by default, and a few others are following along. You know who did that schnazz before both of them? GetSparks. Yep, the GetSparks team did it before […]

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Startups, College, and Blue-Collar Ideas of Risk

At the start of this year I left my gig at Yahoo! (before the meltdown) to go off on my own. Most people who have taken “the plunge” (I’ve taken it once before) are met with a series of doubts and feelings of disbelief from family and close friends. “But what will you do for money!? […]

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Is Your WordPress Slow? Come See My Talk at Wordcamp NYC

I’ve always had a thing for the ops side of building apps — automating, optimizing, and building for scale (did it for iVillage and Yahoo among others). And let me tell you, a standard WordPress installation leaves plenty of optimization and scaling to think about. It’s not that the WordPress core itself is poorly written […]

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Startups: Gold Diggers vs. Real Entrepreneurs

NYC Tech is exploding (or has exploded), and I’m constantly hearing about new startups and their ideas. What’s really strange is that, at least on the surface, a lot of these ideas don’t sound like great ones. So for you soon-to-be entrepreneurs out there, I want to make my case for building a real business […]

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Professor Thiel, I Have A Pitch for You

An article posted on Reuters today has announced that Peter Thiel, a famous opponent of the traditional university education — proposed, and is now instructing a course in entrepreneurship at Stanford — CS 183: Startup. If you’re not familiar with Thiel, read up on him. He’s a serial entrepreneur whose resume is way too long […]

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New PHP Meetup Group: Pro PHP NYC

Keeping in line with my insistence that PHP can be an excellent choice when developing an app, John Crepezzi and I have decided to organize a new Meetup Group in NYC that focuses on achieving high levels of quality when building applications for the LAMP* stack. We felt that the other handful of PHP Meetup […]

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The Top 10 CodeIgniter Sparks of 2011

John Crepezzi and I launched (the CodeIgniter package manager and repository) a little under a year ago, and the response we received from the community was overwhelmingly positive. The best part of GetSparks isn’t the site itself. It’s a moderately simple app that provides a vehicle for quickly dropping other developers’ code in your […]

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Your Awesome Hack That Nobody Ever Heard Of

Something that has always come naturally to me (I’m not saying it’s something I’m great at) is promotion of my projects. When I wrote chip a couple months ago, I wanted to spread the word and evangelize it. I presented it at Hack and Tell in NYC, made a screencast, and pretty much inundated my […]

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Note: CodeIgniter Reactor 2.0.2 has a bug in it’s core Loader class that breaks package config file loading (and sparks, sadly). It’s recommended that you use 2.0.1 OR the latest at OR make the following change in your 2.0.2 installation: . The last option is the best. It took a month longer than […]

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Video: chip — A Log File Monitor & Multiplexer

If you’ve ever had the need to investigate production issues in a load-balanced setup, you’d know why having a tool to pull down all of your remote log files into a single filtered stream can be handy. I think splunk is great at this, but in many cases, overkill. I wrote chip to accommodate this […]

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