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A Better WordPress Search with WPSearch

I’m definitely not the type to evangelize something I don’t think is useful. Ask friends of mine, and they’ll likely tell you how I went through phases where I endlessly promoted things like Notepad++ for Windows, Netbeans IDE (PHP), Sequel Pro, Gnome-Do, Thinkpads, Macbooks, Toy Story 3, iPod Touches, and Visual Studio ’08. I just […]

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The Best WordPress Search Plug-in: WPSearch 2

If you want to read about the background of the WPSearch Search plug-in for WordPress, read below. But if you just want the gist of this post, here it is: WPSearch is the best search plug-in for your WordPress blog. It is a stemming, stop-word blocking, fast, relevant, fulltext search for WordPress. There isn’t a […]

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WPSearch 2 To Be Released At WordCamp!

After almost two years since the last major release of WPSearch, WPSearch 2 will be released this weekend at Wordcamp NYC. WPSearch 2 has been the highest rated search plug-in in the WordPress repository, with much thanks to the bug reporters, testers, and donations along the way. WPSearch 2 was built for WordPress 3, and […]

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Easy Reverse Routing with CodeIgniter

I really can’t stand hard-coding URLs in the views or controllers of my application — and I’m sure most other people can’t either. Here’s an extension for the CodeIgniter Router class that I wrote that gives you a nice way to write routes that are reversible and also have the ability to take parameters.

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ajax-proxy: A PHP AJAX Proxy with Cookie Support

A common annoyance in the world of AJAX is the ol’ cross-domain request error. That is, a script sitting on can’t make AJAX calls to This is in place for the sake of security, but sometimes developers have legitimate reasons to do so. A common workaround is writing a server-side script that will […]

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How To Get A Job As A Programmer

It seems that for the better part of my life, America’s economy has been in murky water. I was born into a Reagan economy (good), graduated to Bush Sr. (bad), did my time with Clinton (good), and started looking for jobs as a developer during Bush Jr.’s tenure (bad). And while I’ll abstain from the […]

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USTORE.js: Cross-Browser Local and Session Storage Made Easy

I tend to get so wrapped up in the server-side portion of web applications, I probably don’t keep tabs on front-end tips and tricks as well I should. Luckily I work with some of the best client-side developers I’ve ever met over at HUGE, and I generally get exposed to new front-end marvels whether I […]

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How To Get Your NYC Teacher Certification Fingerprints For Your TEACH Account

This post is somewhat of a sequel to my previous post, How To Get Livescan Fingerprints in NYC. Since that entry was oriented specifically towards getting Livescan fingerprints, I wanted to cover the larger issue at hand: The reason so many people are in this dilemma, and how to get out of it. Read this article […]

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How To Get Livescan Fingerprints In NYC

It’s obvious that this is a tech blog, and this isn’t a tech-oriented post. But I know there are a lot of people who are in the same situation as I was yesterday. Update: How To Get Your NYC Teacher Certification Fingerprints For Your TEACH Account My girlfriend needed to get her fingerprints taken so […]

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My Honest Consumer Opinion of the iPad: Who Cares?

I can’t speak for the whole of technology consumers when I say that the Apple iPad, which debuted a few days ago in Apple’s Keynote, doesn’t seem terribly interesting. I’ll admit that I tend to roll on gut instinct when gauging the success of a potential product. I’ve done it as both a member of […]

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