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Is ‘Daily Deal’ Brokering An Unsustainable Business Model?

I’ve been pretty involved in hyperlocal news sites as of late, and I’ve had a really good taste of the daily deals market. And you know what? I don’t like it. Analyzing different business models has become sort of a pastime for me, and the idea of ‘Daily Deals’ has had me thinking the last couple […]

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Last Developer Standing at Right Media NYC

Note: This post is primarily intended for former Right Media/Yahoo engineering employees. I’m only saying that now because if you don’t fall into that group, you probably won’t care a whole lot about this post. Also, I wrote it on my last day, which was over six months ago. It’s probably something that needed a […]

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Facebook Ads Are Effective, Just Not Relevant, Yet

… and that’s partly the fault of the advertiser, and partly the fault of Facebook. A friend of mine was crapping all over Nasdaq:FB — not because he’s rolls with popular opinion, but because he decided for himself that Facebook is wildly overvalued. My friend is a disciple of Warren Buffet — and anyone who […]

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