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7 Reasons Every Developer Should Freelance Full Time

… at some point in their career. There is no better business training than actually running a real business. Sure, you could go get an MBA, run your parent’s company, take Peter Thiel’s course at Stanford, or freelance part time while making your real money at some 9-5. But none of that is going to […]

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Satisfaction No Longer Guaranteed

Almost 10 years ago at Acme in Lincroft (NJ), I was asked to take down this sign and throw it in the dumpster. The policy was no longer in effect. Corporate guns had apparently decided that customer satisfaction wasn’t guaranteed anymore. The symbolism of it wasn’t lost on me, and I kept it in the […]

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Building a Successful Business is Not ‘Winning the Lottery’

If you’ve ever done something risky like leaving your job to start a company, there was probably someone who tried to talk you out of it. You especially get this if you come from a blue-collar background with unions, steady paychecks, and lots of savings bonds on your birthday. Disclosure: I’m definitely overreacting to a […]

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The Purple Curtain: Or, Why You Need to Stop Hanging Out With Heroku and Friends

A little while back I wrote a post that didn’t have very nice things to say about Heroku. I was pretty miffed at the fact that Heroku took such a big hit when there was an AWS outage in the summer of 2012. Heroku is supposed to be an ops platform as a service. Things […]

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Is ‘Daily Deal’ Brokering An Unsustainable Business Model?

I’ve been pretty involved in hyperlocal news sites as of late, and I’ve had a really good taste of the daily deals market. And you know what? I don’t like it. Analyzing different business models has become sort of a pastime for me, and the idea of ‘Daily Deals’ has had me thinking the last couple […]

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Facebook Ads Are Effective, Just Not Relevant, Yet

… and that’s partly the fault of the advertiser, and partly the fault of Facebook. A friend of mine was crapping all over Nasdaq:FB — not because he’s rolls with popular opinion, but because he decided for himself that Facebook is wildly overvalued. My friend is a disciple of Warren Buffet — and anyone who […]

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