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Remember That Thing I Said About Web Interfaces?

I’m not so sure anymore. One thing I am sure of: Angular.js is the only framework (that I know of) really reconciling for the fact the HTML and Javascript are pretty awful for what we use them for. 1. You basically (re)define HTML’s behavior with something called directives 2. It’s architected in a way that […]

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5 Hints That Buying Bitcoins Is A Crazy Idea

The price of Bitcoin is especially volatile today, but it’s like any old day on Mt Gox. If you’re taking solace in the fact that the Bitcoin “bubble” has ostensibly burst (because you didn’t buy them), you probably won’t find much value in this post. If you’re a bitcoin enthusiast, you won’t find much value […]

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The Future of Web Interface Building

I’ve talked an awful lot about the future on my blog lately. The future internet, the future of social networking, online advertising, etc. But one thing I’m really interested in is how the construction of web interfaces looks. Originally, building a website pretty required notepad, or something to that effect. I’m talking about those old-school table-based […]

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Rule Your Network with OpenFlow on GENI

In my last GENI post I ended by talking about “programmable networks.” Just think about it. As a web developer, you leverage APIs for all kinds of services and hardware — Facebook, Twitter, Square, Arduino boards — you name it. It’s the wood and glue of the web applications we build. Think about the networks […]

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GENI: A Gigabit Playground for Developers

A couple weeks ago I did a short screencast demonstrating GENI, a platform for experimenting with programmable gigabit networks. With all the press surrounding Google Fiber in Kansas City, it’s amazing how relevant these screencasts are to current events. As a developer who participates in Mozilla Ignite’s App Challenge, you’ll be given access to a […]

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GENI: Build the New Internet (A Video)

Last week I mentioned that I was writing the documentation for a project named GENI, which a large NSF-sponsored with quite a few people and organizations involved — but the basic goal is to create platform for experimenting with “networks of the future.” It’s hard to imagine what exactly that means to you as a […]

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