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Rule Your Network with OpenFlow on GENI

In my last GENI post I ended by talking about “programmable networks.” Just think about it. As a web developer, you leverage APIs for all kinds of services and hardware — Facebook, Twitter, Square, Arduino boards — you name it. It’s the wood and glue of the web applications we build. Think about the networks […]

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GENI: A Gigabit Playground for Developers

A couple weeks ago I did a short screencast demonstrating GENI, a platform for experimenting with programmable gigabit networks. With all the press surrounding Google Fiber in Kansas City, it’s amazing how relevant these screencasts are to current events. As a developer who participates in Mozilla Ignite’s App Challenge, you’ll be given access to a […]

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GENI: Build the New Internet (A Video)

Last week I mentioned that I was writing the documentation for a project named GENI, which a large NSF-sponsored with quite a few people and organizations involved — but the basic goal is to create platform for experimenting with “networks of the future.” It’s hard to imagine what exactly that means to you as a […]

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