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7 Reasons Every Developer Should Freelance Full Time

… at some point in their career. There is no better business training than actually running a real business. Sure, you could go get an MBA, run your parent’s company, take Peter Thiel’s course at Stanford, or freelance part time while making your real money at some 9-5. But none of that is going to […]

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Satisfaction No Longer Guaranteed

Almost 10 years ago at Acme in Lincroft (NJ), I was asked to take down this sign and throw it in the dumpster. The policy was no longer in effect. Corporate guns had apparently decided that customer satisfaction wasn’t guaranteed anymore. The symbolism of it wasn’t lost on me, and I kept it in the […]

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The Best Recruiters Ever

The best recruiters I’ve ever met are the ones that make me forget that I’m talking to a recruiter, usually very quickly. It’s easy to be a lofty software developer who has jobs pitched to him every day by email, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog comments, and give all of those reach outs the same treatment: “Meh.” […]

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Startups, College, and Blue-Collar Ideas of Risk

At the start of this year I left my gig at Yahoo! (before the meltdown) to go off on my own. Most people who have taken “the plunge” (I’ve taken it once before) are met with a series of doubts and feelings of disbelief from family and close friends. “But what will you do for money!? […]

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Startups: Gold Diggers vs. Real Entrepreneurs

NYC Tech is exploding (or has exploded), and I’m constantly hearing about new startups and their ideas. What’s really strange is that, at least on the surface, a lot of these ideas don’t sound like great ones. So for you soon-to-be entrepreneurs out there, I want to make my case for building a real business […]

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Re: How to Find Good Developers

A little less than a month ago I made a podcast with John about how recruiters can find good developers. A small part of the podcast talked about reaching out to developers, and how adding something personal (ie, mentioning one of their projects) can really get some attention. In the past few days, I’ve gotten […]

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How to Find Good Developers

A comment on one of my favorite CodeFury posts, “How to Get a Job as a Programmer“, asks an interesting question. It was posted by Kyle Carter, the head of HR at Better Advertising. He posed the question, “how or where do I find good developers?” At the time that I’m writing this, the NYC […]

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How To Get A Job As A Programmer

It seems that for the better part of my life, America’s economy has been in murky water. I was born into a Reagan economy (good), graduated to Bush Sr. (bad), did my time with Clinton (good), and started looking for jobs as a developer during Bush Jr.’s tenure (bad). And while I’ll abstain from the […]

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