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7 Reasons Every Developer Should Freelance Full Time

… at some point in their career. There is no better business training than actually running a real business. Sure, you could go get an MBA, run your parent’s company, take Peter Thiel’s course at Stanford, or freelance part time while making your real money at some 9-5. But none of that is going to […]

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Satisfaction No Longer Guaranteed

Almost 10 years ago at Acme in Lincroft (NJ), I was asked to take down this sign and throw it in the dumpster. The policy was no longer in effect. Corporate guns had apparently decided that customer satisfaction wasn’t guaranteed anymore. The symbolism of it wasn’t lost on me, and I kept it in the […]

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Building a Successful Business is Not ‘Winning the Lottery’

If you’ve ever done something risky like leaving your job to start a company, there was probably someone who tried to talk you out of it. You especially get this if you come from a blue-collar background with unions, steady paychecks, and lots of savings bonds on your birthday. Disclosure: I’m definitely overreacting to a […]

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Make Your WordPress 404 Help Find Missing Children

Note: You can skip the whole backstory and go get the plugin here (or install it from within WordPress). So. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday, and saw there was a bit of buzz about a pretty clever idea going on at They’re asking people who run websites (like me) to turn their standard […]

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Last Developer Standing at Right Media NYC

Note: This post is primarily intended for former Right Media/Yahoo engineering employees. I’m only saying that now because if you don’t fall into that group, you probably won’t care a whole lot about this post. Also, I wrote it on my last day, which was over six months ago. It’s probably something that needed a […]

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Winning Is Better When Everyone Else Is Winning Too (Yelp vs Heroku)

I was 11 or 12 when I got my first taste of Monopoly at summer camp. I loved that game — and I think it was my first taste of business. A game that, like life in a lot of ways, was based partly on luck, partly on wit, and much of it on social […]

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Facebook Changed Everything, It’s Not A Fad, and I’m With Zuck

I just read a comment from what was likely a troll on some website I’ve never heard of. It read: Facebook is a fad and only losers are on there. You people go on Facebook and try to get as many friends as you can but the reality of it is that none of you […]

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Startups, College, and Blue-Collar Ideas of Risk

At the start of this year I left my gig at Yahoo! (before the meltdown) to go off on my own. Most people who have taken “the plunge” (I’ve taken it once before) are met with a series of doubts and feelings of disbelief from family and close friends. “But what will you do for money!? […]

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Professor Thiel, I Have A Pitch for You

An article posted on Reuters today has announced that Peter Thiel, a famous opponent of the traditional university education — proposed, and is now instructing a course in entrepreneurship at Stanford — CS 183: Startup. If you’re not familiar with Thiel, read up on him. He’s a serial entrepreneur whose resume is way too long […]

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Your Awesome Hack That Nobody Ever Heard Of

Something that has always come naturally to me (I’m not saying it’s something I’m great at) is promotion of my projects. When I wrote chip a couple months ago, I wanted to spread the word and evangelize it. I presented it at Hack and Tell in NYC, made a screencast, and pretty much inundated my […]

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