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Make Your WordPress 404 Help Find Missing Children

Note: You can skip the whole backstory and go get the plugin here (or install it from within WordPress). So. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday, and saw there was a bit of buzz about a pretty clever idea going on at They’re asking people who run websites (like me) to turn their standard […]

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Facebook Ads Are Effective, Just Not Relevant, Yet

… and that’s partly the fault of the advertiser, and partly the fault of Facebook. A friend of mine was crapping all over Nasdaq:FB — not because he’s rolls with popular opinion, but because he decided for himself that Facebook is wildly overvalued. My friend is a disciple of Warren Buffet — and anyone who […]

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Re: How to Find Good Developers

A little less than a month ago I made a podcast with John about how recruiters can find good developers. A small part of the podcast talked about reaching out to developers, and how adding something personal (ie, mentioning one of their projects) can really get some attention. In the past few days, I’ve gotten […]

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How to Find Good Developers

A comment on one of my favorite CodeFury posts, “How to Get a Job as a Programmer“, asks an interesting question. It was posted by Kyle Carter, the head of HR at Better Advertising. He posed the question, “how or where do I find good developers?” At the time that I’m writing this, the NYC […]

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How To Get A Job As A Programmer

It seems that for the better part of my life, America’s economy has been in murky water. I was born into a Reagan economy (good), graduated to Bush Sr. (bad), did my time with Clinton (good), and started looking for jobs as a developer during Bush Jr.’s tenure (bad). And while I’ll abstain from the […]

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