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A Better WordPress Search with WPSearch

I’m definitely not the type to evangelize something I don’t think is useful. Ask friends of mine, and they’ll likely tell you how I went through phases where I endlessly promoted things like Notepad++ for Windows, Netbeans IDE (PHP), Sequel Pro, Gnome-Do, Thinkpads, Macbooks, Toy Story 3, iPod Touches, and Visual Studio ’08. I just […]

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The Best WordPress Search Plug-in: WPSearch 2

If you want to read about the background of the WPSearch Search plug-in for WordPress, read below. But if you just want the gist of this post, here it is: WPSearch is the best search plug-in for your WordPress blog. It is a stemming, stop-word blocking, fast, relevant, fulltext search for WordPress. There isn’t a […]

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wpSearch Released With Features, Fixes

After an exhausting week and a half tracking down the source of a mysterious bug in wpSearch, I think I can finally close the book on the “null result” issue that had me pouring over the source code. wpSearch, the first official release after the 1.5 landmark, brings to the forefront some of the […]

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wpSearch Accepted Into WordPress Plugins

wpSearch (more info in my previous post), the lucene-powered search plugin for WordPress, has officially been accepted into the WordPress plugins repository. You can view and download wpSearch here: The latest version as of right now is Several major features have been added since the original beta release. Seamless integration of wpSearch into […]

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A Lucene-based Search Plugin For WordPress

There are many things I love about WordPress — the extendability, the ease of use, and large library of themes available online, to name a few. But if there is one aspect of WordPress that needs a little work, it is the default search functionality. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on […]

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A Stemming Analyzer for Zend’s PHP Lucene

In my last post I spoke a little about Zend’s Lucene implementation in PHP, and its extensive usefulness for content-oriented PHP web applications. One of the roadblocks to implementing a Google-like search, however, was the absence of a stemming analyzer in the Zend package. While using PHP Lucene, I came across this issue while developing […]

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A word on Lucene’s PHP port by Zend

Lucene is an open source search engine written in Java. If you have never heard of it prior to now, listen to this: It allows you to create a mini google-like search for anything. That’s right — anything. But I’ll be a little more specific: Consider you run a news website — or a wiki […]

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