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Remember That Thing I Said About Web Interfaces?

I’m not so sure anymore. One thing I am sure of: Angular.js is the only framework (that I know of) really reconciling for the fact the HTML and Javascript are pretty awful for what we use them for. 1. You basically (re)define HTML’s behavior with something called directives 2. It’s architected in a way that […]

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The Purple Curtain: Or, Why You Need to Stop Hanging Out With Heroku and Friends

A little while back I wrote a post that didn’t have very nice things to say about Heroku. I was pretty miffed at the fact that Heroku took such a big hit when there was an AWS outage in the summer of 2012. Heroku is supposed to be an ops platform as a service. Things […]

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The Future of Web Interface Building

I’ve talked an awful lot about the future on my blog lately. The future internet, the future of social networking, online advertising, etc. But one thing I’m really interested in is how the construction of web interfaces looks. Originally, building a website pretty required notepad, or something to that effect. I’m talking about those old-school table-based […]

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Make Your WordPress 404 Help Find Missing Children

Note: You can skip the whole backstory and go get the plugin here (or install it from within WordPress). So. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday, and saw there was a bit of buzz about a pretty clever idea going on at They’re asking people who run websites (like me) to turn their standard […]

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Rule Your Network with OpenFlow on GENI

In my last GENI post I ended by talking about “programmable networks.” Just think about it. As a web developer, you leverage APIs for all kinds of services and hardware — Facebook, Twitter, Square, Arduino boards — you name it. It’s the wood and glue of the web applications we build. Think about the networks […]

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GENI: A Gigabit Playground for Developers

A couple weeks ago I did a short screencast demonstrating GENI, a platform for experimenting with programmable gigabit networks. With all the press surrounding Google Fiber in Kansas City, it’s amazing how relevant these screencasts are to current events. As a developer who participates in Mozilla Ignite’s App Challenge, you’ll be given access to a […]

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Jefferson vs Hamilton + 200 years: AWS vs Heroku

This post might be written out of frustration, but I wanted to put this out before the heat of the moment fades away. Amazon had a power outage in its Virgina data center last night due to a storm, and services like Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, and Heroku have taken a hit. You could throw a […]

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The Top 10 CodeIgniter Sparks of 2011

John Crepezzi and I launched (the CodeIgniter package manager and repository) a little under a year ago, and the response we received from the community was overwhelmingly positive. The best part of GetSparks isn’t the site itself. It’s a moderately simple app that provides a vehicle for quickly dropping other developers’ code in your […]

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Note: CodeIgniter Reactor 2.0.2 has a bug in it’s core Loader class that breaks package config file loading (and sparks, sadly). It’s recommended that you use 2.0.1 OR the latest at OR make the following change in your 2.0.2 installation: . The last option is the best. It took a month longer than […]

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CodeIgniter/PHP + IIS + MySQL + MSSQL: It Works!

There are a lot of people out there who call themselves “LAMP” developers — short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. That’s the standard configuration for production PHP applications. Recently, I ended up having to build a CodeIgniter application on Windows, IIS, Mysql+MS-SQL, and PHP. Sound like there are bound to be issues? You bet, and […]

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