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CodeIgniter Reactor? What’s Going On?

A couple of weeks ago, Derek Jones of EllisLabs announced that the CodeIgniter Core would officially be branched so a community-driven version of the framework could be created. This new branch will be called CodeIgniter Reactor. The plan, which was clarified today, is focused on allowing a select group of CI engineers to actively commit […]

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A Better WordPress Search with WPSearch

I’m definitely not the type to evangelize something I don’t think is useful. Ask friends of mine, and they’ll likely tell you how I went through phases where I endlessly promoted things like Notepad++ for Windows, Netbeans IDE (PHP), Sequel Pro, Gnome-Do, Thinkpads, Macbooks, Toy Story 3, iPod Touches, and Visual Studio ’08. I just […]

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The Best WordPress Search Plug-in: WPSearch 2

If you want to read about the background of the WPSearch Search plug-in for WordPress, read below. But if you just want the gist of this post, here it is: WPSearch is the best search plug-in for your WordPress blog. It is a stemming, stop-word blocking, fast, relevant, fulltext search for WordPress. There isn’t a […]

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Flushing CodeIgniter’s URI-based Cache (Part I)

CodeIgniter’s output caching mechanism — at least in my opinion — has limited usefulness. It can be used to cache the final payload sent to the user for a given number of minutes. But sometimes clearing the cache for all pages or a specific page can be useful, especially if keeping the user from seeing […]

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KLogger: A Simple Logging Class for PHP

Update: You can find KLogger on github. Since the latest release of wpSearch, a couple issues have cropped up and are slated to be fixed shortly. Some of the issues, although, are a bit harder to catch without a good set of debugging tools for PHP. The classic example of such a tool would be […]

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