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GENI: Experiment with the Internet of the Future

I was born into the age of the internet, and I took it for granted. I looked at the potential of the internet in terms of, “What can I build on top of it?” The dirty details of what held this big network together was someone else’s problem. As web developers, we tend to build […]

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New PHP Meetup Group: Pro PHP NYC

Keeping in line with my insistence that PHP can be an excellent choice when developing an app, John Crepezzi and I have decided to organize a new Meetup Group in NYC that focuses on achieving high levels of quality when building applications for the LAMP* stack. We felt that the other handful of PHP Meetup […]

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Video: chip — A Log File Monitor & Multiplexer

If you’ve ever had the need to investigate production issues in a load-balanced setup, you’d know why having a tool to pull down all of your remote log files into a single filtered stream can be handy. I think splunk is great at this, but in many cases, overkill. I wrote chip to accommodate this […]

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Video: How Uses CodeIgniter Sparks

If you aren’t already familiar, a package manager and repository for CodeIgniter libraries was released last week at In the few days between then and now, some very interesting and useful packages have been submitted. There’s one for combining, minifying and caching assets, one for database scaffolding, viewing logs, geocoding, template-ing, etc. Here’s a […]

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Introducing CodeIgniter Sparks

If you’re familiar with package management, you’re aware of how awesome it can be. Yum, Apt, MacPorts, homebrew are examples of package managers on the Operating System level. Need to install some common software package like mysql? On OSX, it isn’t any harder than: $ brew install mysql For software development, you have Python’s eggs […]

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List Your GitHub and BitBucket Projects On WordPress

Over the weekend I put a full day into creating and completing a WordPress plugin that probably doesn’t appeal to anybody except for developers: A tool to list your github and bitbucket projects right inside a post or on your side bar. You can see it in action on my projects page. Basically, I was […]

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Social Networking, Mang. It’s Like the Internet All Over Again.

Brief but intense “holy shit” moments have been hitting me quite a bit in the last couple weeks. For the last 5 years, my social networking experience has largely consisted of Facebook, and I took it for granted as an application that was just really good at what it did. Maybe that’s even what Zuck […]

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WPSearch 2 To Be Released At WordCamp!

After almost two years since the last major release of WPSearch, WPSearch 2 will be released this weekend at Wordcamp NYC. WPSearch 2 has been the highest rated search plug-in in the WordPress repository, with much thanks to the bug reporters, testers, and donations along the way. WPSearch 2 was built for WordPress 3, and […]

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Easy Reverse Routing with CodeIgniter

I really can’t stand hard-coding URLs in the views or controllers of my application — and I’m sure most other people can’t either. Here’s an extension for the CodeIgniter Router class that I wrote that gives you a nice way to write routes that are reversible and also have the ability to take parameters.

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ajax-proxy: A PHP AJAX Proxy with Cookie Support

A common annoyance in the world of AJAX is the ol’ cross-domain request error. That is, a script sitting on can’t make AJAX calls to This is in place for the sake of security, but sometimes developers have legitimate reasons to do so. A common workaround is writing a server-side script that will […]

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