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USTORE.js: Cross-Browser Local and Session Storage Made Easy

I tend to get so wrapped up in the server-side portion of web applications, I probably don’t keep tabs on front-end tips and tricks as well I should. Luckily I work with some of the best client-side developers I’ve ever met over at HUGE, and I generally get exposed to new front-end marvels whether I […]

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How To Get Your NYC Teacher Certification Fingerprints For Your TEACH Account

This post is somewhat of a sequel to my previous post, How To Get Livescan Fingerprints in NYC. Since that entry was oriented specifically towards getting Livescan fingerprints, I wanted to cover the larger issue at hand: The reason so many people are in this dilemma, and how to get out of it. Read this article […]

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How To Get Livescan Fingerprints In NYC

It’s obvious that this is a tech blog, and this isn’t a tech-oriented post. But I know there are a lot of people who are in the same situation as I was yesterday. Update: How To Get Your NYC Teacher Certification Fingerprints For Your TEACH Account My girlfriend needed to get her fingerprints taken so […]

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My Honest Consumer Opinion of the iPad: Who Cares?

I can’t speak for the whole of technology consumers when I say that the Apple iPad, which debuted a few days ago in Apple’s Keynote, doesn’t seem terribly interesting. I’ll admit that I tend to roll on gut instinct when gauging the success of a potential product. I’ve done it as both a member of […]

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Insert Multiple Rows Into A Database with CodeIgniter

When using a spiffy web application framework like CodeIgniter for PHP, I tend to start depending on the framework for a lot of functions. For example, if I want to get the segments of the URI, I first think, “CodeIgniter must have that!” If I want a function to convert input from a <textarea> into […]

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Add Files to Subversion Recursively

Adding a directory and sub-directories to your subversion repo: I’ve seen some wacky solutions to this problem online, and a lot of people don’t know this is a built-in command (Google “add files to subversion recursively”). Since CodeFury has been getting pretty high in the Google listings, I’ll post the real command. Hopefully subversion users […]

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A Fine Run, and Maybe A Little More

It’s been almost a year since I mentioned the last version of wpSearch! I owe many faithful users of wpSearch an explanation of my whereabouts. After all, the internet does not need yet another dead blog, especially when it had been fairly well read. Here’s a recap of the last year: Figured out that I […]

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Updates on KLogger, wpSearch 1.5.6, and More

Since my last post, I’ve been working on and off on the next version of wpSearch. The last version (1.5.5) stands as somewhat of an official release of the plugin, and I would consider previous versions to be ‘release candidates’ due to the growth wpSearch saw since then. I’m in my second to last semester […]

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