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How to Work Around WPEngine’s “Too many failed login attempts”

A friend of mine recently ran into trouble while logging in to their WordPress-driven news website, hosted on WPEngine. When that friend opened the standard WordPress login page, they would see a message: Error: Too many failed login attempts. Please try again in [time duration] It turns out that WPEngine has a “must use” plugin installed […]

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Make Your WordPress 404 Help Find Missing Children

Note: You can skip the whole backstory and go get the plugin here (or install it from within WordPress). So. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday, and saw there was a bit of buzz about a pretty clever idea going on at They’re asking people who run websites (like me) to turn their standard […]

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Is Your WordPress Slow? Come See My Talk at Wordcamp NYC

I’ve always had a thing for the ops side of building apps — automating, optimizing, and building for scale (did it for iVillage and Yahoo among others). And let me tell you, a standard WordPress installation leaves plenty of optimization and scaling to think about. It’s not that the WordPress core itself is poorly written […]

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A Better WordPress Search with WPSearch

I’m definitely not the type to evangelize something I don’t think is useful. Ask friends of mine, and they’ll likely tell you how I went through phases where I endlessly promoted things like Notepad++ for Windows, Netbeans IDE (PHP), Sequel Pro, Gnome-Do, Thinkpads, Macbooks, Toy Story 3, iPod Touches, and Visual Studio ’08. I just […]

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The Best WordPress Search Plug-in: WPSearch 2

If you want to read about the background of the WPSearch Search plug-in for WordPress, read below. But if you just want the gist of this post, here it is: WPSearch is the best search plug-in for your WordPress blog. It is a stemming, stop-word blocking, fast, relevant, fulltext search for WordPress. There isn’t a […]

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wpSearch Released With Features, Fixes

After an exhausting week and a half tracking down the source of a mysterious bug in wpSearch, I think I can finally close the book on the “null result” issue that had me pouring over the source code. wpSearch, the first official release after the 1.5 landmark, brings to the forefront some of the […]

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wpSearch 1.5: The Fastest, Lightest Yet

After its first week in the wild, wpSearch has been run on a number of different versions of WordPress and PHP, highlighting some places to improve aspects of its core. wpSearch 1.5 has just been released, with a completely rewritten search mechanism to bring search speeds into the milliseconds. Certain features available in wpSearch 1.x.x.x […]

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wpSearch Accepted Into WordPress Plugins

wpSearch (more info in my previous post), the lucene-powered search plugin for WordPress, has officially been accepted into the WordPress plugins repository. You can view and download wpSearch here: The latest version as of right now is Several major features have been added since the original beta release. Seamless integration of wpSearch into […]

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