Most of my projects are on either github or bitbucket. WPSearch, although, is stored in the WordPress plugin repository.

Older stuff below:

A Lucene-based search plugin for WordPress – wpSearch

The project is the holy grail of pluggable full text blog searching for WordPress. This plugin is portable, easy to set up, and creates a blog search that blows away the default implementation provided by WordPress. Maybe one day WordPress will implement a true search, but until then, this plugin is the closest you can get. Interested? check it out the Lucene-based WordPress Search Plugin.

A PHP-Lucene Standard Analyzer

Zend’s port of Lucene has been a Godsend for most PHP programmers looking to implement a solid fulltext search on their data. It’s ease of use and quality of coding is impeccable. If their is one hurdle in the way of being a google-like search, it is that Zend doesn’t offer a version of the “Standard Analyzer” that makes Java-based text searching so easy. This project is my attempt to create such an analyzer. It was created as a sub-project of wpSearch. Read more about it here.