WPSearch Download

wpSearch has officially been accepted into the WordPress plugin repository!

You can download the latest version of wpSearch here:

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  • Hans Herbst

    no comment yet. only want to test wpSearch

  • CJ

     Hi, Kenny.
     Speaking of WPSearch Pro, I am having issues in finding any links to it, trough google, here or on your WP extend/plugins/ page…

     I am making a theme which will likely run above 5k posts, with chance for close to 10k in a year time, after going life,  so I would hate to have it slowing  down due to Lucene …


  • shweta

    I need to use the lucene search algorithm on localhost wp setup.
    Could you please help me out?

    I have followed the instructions but still WPsearch2 is not working there’s no difference in the search functions. Comment search is not working properly.

    PHP ver 5.3.8

    WordPress 3x

    Also do i need to install zend lucene separately?