WPSearch FAQ

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  • carly

    Hi there,

    can this be configured to search custom fields at all?

  • http://www.wokinghamremembers.com Mike Churcher

    Hello, I am trying to list all results of a particular search, but at present is restricted to only ten. How do I increase this number to say 30 ?
    Many thanks.

  • Yan Purnomo Ys

    may i ask about searchform.php and seach.php ?

  • Tchoutoye

    Bug report:

    When WPSearch is activated I am no longer able to save custom menus.
    I’m using WordPress 3.2.1 with the Twenty Eleven theme.

  • Back2opillion

    Hi, thanks for this Plugin.
    Is it possible to include custom fields in the index?

  • ollie13

    I’ve had very good results with WPSearch but now I want to be able to exclude certain pages from the search function. The Simply Exclude plug in works great with the normal WordPress search feature, but doesn’t seem to work with WPSearch. Is there any work around to get Simply Exclude to work with WPSearch? (Or is there any other way to get WPSearch to exclude specific pages from search?)

  • daryljimenea

    Hi there, thank you for this awesome plugin, works great on my site. but is there a way I can highlight the search results of this plugin? I use search highlight plugin but I noticed the higlights doesn’t synch with the results of this plugin.



  • terry

    FANTASTIC plugin. It took a while for me to find this and I knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted boolean search operators in wordpress. I don’t think most people realize how great this is. I don’t know how you can make it easier for people to find or explain that the advantages of this are huge.