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On Versioning Local Packages Like node_modules and sparks

A recent trend in package management is to install packages locally to an application. Composer for PHP is doing it by default, npm for node.js is doing it by default, and a few others are following along. You know who did that schnazz before both of them? GetSparks. Yep, the GetSparks team did it before […]

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GetSparks.org Beta Released, Big Changes

Note: CodeIgniter Reactor 2.0.2 has a bug in it’s core Loader class that breaks package config file loading (and sparks, sadly). It’s recommended that you use 2.0.1 OR the latest at https://bitbucket.org/ellislab/codeigniter-reactor OR make the following change in your 2.0.2 installation: https://bitbucket.org/ellislab/codeigniter-reactor/changeset/c461483c8ca0 . The last option is the best. It took a month longer than […]

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