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Why PHP Was a Ghetto

Note: I wrote this over a month ago, but decided not to publish it until now. I was talking with the Co-founder of a pretty cool start-up in DUMBO the other day about why the non-PHP development world generally has such disdain for PHP and the community surrounding it. He brought up an interesting point […]

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CodeIgniter/PHP + IIS + MySQL + MSSQL: It Works!

There are a lot of people out there who call themselves “LAMP” developers — short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. That’s the standard configuration for production PHP applications. Recently, I ended up having to build a CodeIgniter application on Windows, IIS, Mysql+MS-SQL, and PHP. Sound like there are bound to be issues? You bet, and […]

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Enable Site-Wide Profiling With CodeIgniter

A very cool part of CodeIgniter is its ability to give you the ‘profiling’ information for page loads. That is, if you add: $this->output->enable_profiler(true); In your controller before you load a view, CodeIgniter will give you information regarding how fast the page loaded, how many SQL queries executed, the content of each query, and the […]

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KLogger: A Simple Logging Class for PHP

Update: You can find KLogger on github. Since the latest release of wpSearch, a couple issues have cropped up and are slated to be fixed shortly. Some of the issues, although, are a bit harder to catch without a good set of debugging tools for PHP. The classic example of such a tool would be […]

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wpSearch 1.5: The Fastest, Lightest Yet

After its first week in the wild, wpSearch has been run on a number of different versions of WordPress and PHP, highlighting some places to improve aspects of its core. wpSearch 1.5 has just been released, with a completely rewritten search mechanism to bring search speeds into the milliseconds. Certain features available in wpSearch 1.x.x.x […]

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wpSearch Accepted Into WordPress Plugins

wpSearch (more info in my previous post), the lucene-powered search plugin for WordPress, has officially been accepted into the WordPress plugins repository. You can view and download wpSearch here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpsearch/ The latest version as of right now is Several major features have been added since the original beta release. Seamless integration of wpSearch into […]

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